Die Cut Type Plastic Waste Pelletizing Machine

Die Cut Type Plastic Waste Pelletizing Machine
Product Name:Die Cut Type Plastic Waste Pelletizing Machine
Detail Specifications:

To reduce the source waste.

Keep the environment clean, and reduce to be broken the environment secondly.

We are the professional manufacturer and experience supplier for Waste recycling making machine.

High efficiency screen change equipment controlled by oil hydraulic to exchange the two filters without stopping machine.

The motor is controlled by inverter. The motor with inverter can be adjusted the speed and it’s stability and low power consumption is better than V.S. motor.

It is equipped with vacuum vent tank with waste water disposal tank which take the gas off promptly and dehydrate thoroughly to get cleaner pellets.

It is convenient to keep the machine life as well as maintenance

Model SE/WR-100DC
Material hd ld pp crusher film
Output kg/hr 150 – 250
Drive motor 60 hp
Speed range 2 step
Screw diameter (mm) 100 - 125
L:D ratio 34:1
Barrel With Pressure Meter
Vacuum device 5 hp vacuum pump with water filter trough
Temperature control 9 zones
Die Downward cut type
Cutter 3 pcs. sus #304
Motor 3 hp AC + inverter
Screen change Hydraulic (7 1/2 hp)
Vertical dehydration unit Stainless steel made
Motor 5 hp AC + 3 hp pump
Delivery unit 3 hp blower
Cooling tank Stainless steel made
Capacity (kg) 300
Force feeding hopper (hp) 5
Floor dimensions (m) 11 x 4 x 3

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