Mini Type Blown Film Machine

Mini Type Blown Film Machine
Product Name:Mini Type Blown Film Machine
Detail Specifications:

Introduce the latest design idea.

Adopt the safety protection design for the whole device.

It could be reduced the electricity loss more effective when equipping the inverter control in the whole device.

Professional, Technology, Service & Quality are doing firstly for us.

We are the professional manufacturer and experience supplier for blown film machine.

It adopts inverter motor which is stable and low power consumption

Die mould is designed to make the melted resin little resistance and dispread average to get more output at same pressure.

It is specialized for film width within 600mm and can be equipped with rotating die and manual screen changer as optional.

Model SE/HD-45 MINI
Film width (mm) 150-500
Film thickness (mm) 0.01-0.05
Extrusion output (kg/hr max.) 25-40
Screw type Mixing
Screw diameter (mm) 45
L:D ratio 28:1
Drive motor 20 hp +inverter
Heating capacity (kW) 6.7
Cylinder cooling system air cooling system
Diameter (mm) 60
Auto-thermo controller (sets) 6
Air blower (hp) 3
Air ring (sets) 1
Take-off unit (with elevator)
Take-off speed (m/min max.) 80
DC Drive motor (hp) 1
Roller Width (mm) 650
Winding unit
Type Surface friction
Drive motor (torque) 0.3 m-kg
Floor dimensions (m) 3.3 x 1.5 x 3.0
Machine weight (kg) 1500
Power required (kW) 20

Pressure Gauge
Rotary Device for Die
EPC Device
Edge Material Collector
Edge Material Crusher
CORONA-Surface Treater
Manual Screen Changer
Thermal Sealing Device

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