Mono Layer Line-OSC

Single Layer LDPE Blown Film Machine with Oscillating Take-Off Unit

Single Layer LDPE Blown Film Machine with Oscillating Take-Off Unit
SE/LD-LLD-65-1300/1600 OCS

  • Introduce the latest design idea.
  • Adopt the safety protection design for the whole device.
  • It could be reduced the electricity loss more effective when equipping the inverter control in the whole device.
  • Professional, Technology, Service & Quality are doing firstly for us.
  • We are the professional manufacturer and experience supplier for blown film machine.
  • The air from the air ring is stable. The air ring can be designed for single, two layers, and three layers as per requirement.
  • Fixed ring is controlled by electric and easy operation and practical utility.
  • Collapser has two types, steel roller and latticed wood. It also can use both which has patent to ensure film quality better.
  • Winding unit operated by computer screen, full automatic cutting and bobbin change with tension control and connected with take-off unit to get more stable and practical operation at the same time.
Film width (mm) 1200 1500
Film thickness (mm) 0.02 - 0.15 0.02 - 0.15
Extrusion output (kg/hr) 80 130
Diameter (mm) 55 65
L:D ratio 30╱1 30╱1
Drive motor (hp) 40 56
Heat capacity (kW) 65 101
Temperature Control (zones) 6 6
Lip diameter (mm) 250╱300 250╱350
Drive motor (hp) 2 2
Roller width (mm) O210×1300 O210×1600
GUIDE MOTOR (hp) 2 2
Take-off unit (with elevator)    
Drive motor (hp) 2 2
Roller width (mm) O165×1300 O165×1600
Winding unit
Floor dimensions (m) 11.3 x 3.4 x 7.1 12 x 3.8 x 9.1
Machine weight (kg) 7500 8500
Power required (kW) 70 100
  • Auto-Loader
  • Pressure Gauge
    Pressure Gauge
  • Rotary Device for Die
    Rotary Device for Die
  • EPC Device
    EPC Device
  • Edge Material Collector
    Edge Material Collector
  • Edge Material Crusher
    Edge Material Crusher
  • CORONA-Surface Treater
    CORONA-Surface Treater
  • Manual Screen Changer
    Manual Screen Changer
  • Thermal Sealing Device
    Thermal Sealing Device